Temple History

Melbourne Murugan Temple







Murugan worship in the state of Victoria was initiated by Mrs. Mani Selvendra, a Śrī Lankan Tamil who brought a Vel made of five metals, viz. gold, iron, copper, lead and silver from Jaffna, Sri Lanka. In 1991 a committee was formed and prayers were held in community halls and houses in Melbourne.

According to Mani Selvendra, she initiated building a temple for Lord Murugan in Melbourne to fulfill the aspiration of her father Mr. V. Thambinayagam, who was a devotee of Lord Murukan. A cultural centre was formed in 1995 in order to build a temple for `Melbourne Murugan’. Under the chairmanship of Mr. Ganeshamoorthy, the Cultural Centre took the initiative and completed the first stage of the Murugan Temple at Knight Avenue in Melbourne in the state of Victoria. The opening ceremony of this temple was held with cankapisekam – ceremonial bath of an idol with chanks (conch shells) filled with sacred water – on 23 January 1999. Since its inception, Lord Murugan was called `Melbourne Murugan’.

In the sanctum sanctorum of the Melbourne Murugan Temple originally the Vel (spear) has been the object of worship. Worshipping the Vel is the tradition at the Murugan temple at Nallur, Jaffna, Sri Lanka. But according to the Melbourne Cultural Centre, a Murugan statue will also be enshrined in the sanctum sanctorum of the Melbourne Murugan Temple. The Melbourne Murugan Cultural Centre is working hard to complete the last three stages of the temple to perform the consecration ceremony as early as possible.

Melbourne Murugan temple is managed by Melbourne Murugan Cultural Centre Inc. This t

emple is in operation from 1999 in a temporary facility. The foundation was laid on 2002 and the temple construction was completed in 2006. The temple was consecrated on 28th January 2007.

Foundation for the temple was laid in 2002 and temple construction completed in 2006.The temple was consecrated on 28 January 2007.